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The goal of the member-mentor program is to give every member of the WGC chapter an opportunity to connect one-on-one with another member through a structured process for personal and professional development.


The program would foster deeper and more meaningful relationships between those who need guidance in specific areas and those who can guide appropriately. Guidance could cover areas such as work success; professional development; skill evaluation and development; career insight, access and change; and life/attitude success.




All applicants must be a current member of the NBMBAA-WGC.




The program will commence after the mentor and protégé have attended orientation and will conclude after one year.


Keys to Success


¨      Minimized time commitment

¨      Encouragement to help mentors and protégés establish the frequency and type of regular contact that works for each relationship

¨      Ease of execution and matching of mentor and protégé

¨      Designated moderators

¨      Appropriate Mentor Orientation

    • Responsibility and Accountability of Protégé
    • Responsibility and Accountability of Mentor

Member to Member Mentoring Forms

Name Description
Document NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Action Plan NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Program Materials
Document NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Program Handbook NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Program Materials
Document NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Profile Form NBMBAA-WGC Member Mentor Program Materials